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Version of App-1.5
Size of App-7.3M
 Islamic Compass-Prayer Times app
Islamic Compass for Android! Prayer times, Athan Alarm & Qibla finder,Islamic Compass, the prayer application for all Muslims! 
Application access 
Your location
fine (GPS) location
Access fine position sources such as the Global Positioning method on the device, where accessible. Malicious applications can use this to settle on where you are, and may consume extra battery power.
Version description:
Salam,We included good-looking adhan alarms. Just hit it off on a prayer time to let the applications notify you every day when it is time to pray for that exact prayer. Ypou can choose your adhans manuallyIslamic Compass will tell you when and to which path to pray. It includes a beautiful compass for all time pointing to Makkah from any location in the world and it plays an adman when it's time to pray at your location,You do not require a data link to use Islamic Compass
Features of App
  • Prayer times interface. Slide the prayer times screen to browse through unlimited dates.
  • and a dedicated team at your service.
  • and themes to personalise your preferences.
  • either startup with the compass or with the prayer times screen.
  • for the prayer times.
 Islamic Compass-Prayer Time
  • using the GPS positioning of the iPhone. (Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib,Isha)
  • and there are no restrictions to a list of cities.
  • integrated in beautiful compass.
  • for all future prayer times using local notifications.
  • Easy to choose your favourite adhan.
  • time zone and date language detection.
  • for all future prayer times to plan weeks in front.
Android  Islamic Compass will locate your GPS location without human intervention and without customizing any settings. It will tip the compass towards Qibla and will compute all daily and opportunity prayers times. The easy-to-use adman alarm will be activated local warning service. the whole thing is customizable to your needs, This worldwide used android application is most useful  Islamic  app for all muslim.For download load check the below link.
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