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Android Halal food guide(English) App
Islamic android application Halal food guide(English) App a renowned android app,download it from here,The Application feature is given.

  1. Version;1.0
  2. Halal Ingredients list
  3. Halal Ecodes list
  4. Share App option
  5. Easy direction-finding
  6. All topics catagorised
Included topics
  • Definition of Halal
  • Definition of Haraam
  • Arabic Terms
  • Instructions of Halal
  • List of Mushbooh (suspected)
  • Halal E-Codes
  • Haraam E-Codes
  • Mushbooh E-Codes
  • Halal Slaughter
  • Quranic Verses Related to Halal
  • Total list of Halal Food & Ingredients
  • List of Haram (Unlawful)
In present time it's becoming more and more difficult to tell what's halal and what's haram, given that each product now contains a vast number of E-codes that make no sense most of the times.You can now Alhamdulillah take the guess work out of it all! Simply carry this free software on your mobiles and do quick lookups with a unique display by either browsing through or simply performing a search for a specific food/ingredient/enumber. 
Application of the adroid
Parental rating: G: General Audiences for all ages
advertisements: Yes
language: English 

Muslims will eat Halal Only,Halal can be eaten by non Muslims-mind it.Now download the app.

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