Free Ahkam al Tajweed (Arabic) App V:1.2 download

Android Ahkam al Tajweed (Arabic) App
Islamic android application Ahkam al Tajweed with version-1.2,Application  is in Arabic Language, 
Tajweed linguistically means to master something, and when referring to reading the Qur’an it means mastering the expression of the letters, and reaching the utmost level in pronouncing it well.
This can only be done by pronouncing each letter from its correct articulation point, giving the letters their rights in inherent characteristics, and dues in qualified uniqueness. We also need to make short in timing that which should be short and lengthen that which needs to be prolonged. This can be reached only by studying the rules and by exercising the mouth, tongue, and jaw and much practice of reading. It is also essential to read and study under someone who has mastered tajweed, so you can hear it correctly, and be corrected. 
  1. Beutiful Arabic Font
  2. Bookmarking
  3. Change Font Color and size
  4. Hide Android Notification Bar
  5. Hide Book Name for wide display
  6. Easy and smooth scroll for text display
  7. Customization option for changing environment color
  8. Customization options for changing font colors, size etc.
  9. The list of topics are sorted and indexed for easy course-plotting

The recitation and reading of the Qur’an should stand out over all other words, as it is the words of Allah; and the science of tajweed contains the rules leading this, so that Muslims can study it and read it as it was exposed to, and read by the Prophet. Download now and use the application

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